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Pet Misbehaving? It Might Be Your Fault

Pet owners typically make three common mistakes that can lead to problem behaviors in their dogs and cats. Here’s what they are, and how to fix them.

Why Don't Cats Come When Called?

Cats tend to be less likely to come when you call their names — even when they recognize their owners' voices. Here's why, plus training tips.

Why Does My Dog… Dig in the Carpet?

There are many reasons why dogs dog in carpets. Our veterinary behaviorist shares a few theories behind the common dog behavior — and what you can do to stop it.

Your Canine Etiquette Guide: Dog Park Do's

You and your dog both need to be on your best behavior at the dog park. Here are six simple ways to be a good dog park citizen.

Do's and Don'ts to Help Kids and Pets Bond

To help ensure safe, happy interactions between pets and kids, follow these five do's and don’ts.

How to Keep Your Dog Happy on Crate Rest

Dogs might not understand why they have to be on crate rest while recovering from an injury or procedure, but these tips can make it more enjoyable for them.

Help! Our Puppy Hates to Be Brushed!

If your puppy runs at the sight of the brush, don't despair! With patience and rewards, you can teach him to love brushing. Here's how.

7 Things New Puppy Owners May Not Realize

Anyone with a puppy for the first time (or a puppy for the first time in a long time) is in for a few surprises. Here are 7 common things that surprise new puppy owners.

Socializing the Adult Dog: Sorting Good Advice From Bad

If you have a fearful or reactive dog, the common advice is to socialize the dog by taking him to a dog park or daycare. But how practical — and safe — are these suggestions?

Inside the Heeling House, Where Children With Special Needs and Dogs Are Working Together

At the Heeling House, special needs children work on everything from social skills and communication to reading and STEM skills with the help of specially trained therapy dogs.

Helpful Tips for Living With a Pet Who Is Deaf or Hearing-Impaired

Deafness is a common disability in pets. Dr. Marty Becker shares tips on communicating with dogs or cats who can't hear.

If Dogs Could Talk... 6 Myths They'd Debunk

Think dogs are colorblind and have squeaky clean mouths? We suspect our canines would have a thing or two to say about these common dog myths.

Help! My Dog Likes to Hide His Toys

Some dogs like to bury toys in the furniture — but not all pet owners want dog toys in the bed. Mikkel Becker offers suggestions to help redirect your dog's behavior.

Train Your Dog to Be in Your Wedding

Is your dog right for your wedding? And is your wedding a good fit for your dog? We'll fill you in on what to consider and how to train your dog for your wedding.

Answers to 10 of the Most Common Questions People Have About Owning a New Puppy

Want to know how to potty train a puppy, how big your puppy will get or how much you should feed your puppy? We've got answers to your puppy questions here.

Teach Your Puppy Not to Lick

Is your dog a persistent licker or kisser? Find out why you should put a stop to this behavior — and how to do it.

Teach Your Dog to Wave Hello

Teaching your dog to wave hello (or goodbye) gives him another way to interact with people in a calm, controlled manner. Trainer Mikkel Becker shows you how.

Advice for Adding a Second Dog to Your Family

Adding a second dog to a single-dog family is an exciting decision to make, but there are a few things to consider before bringing that second dog into your home.

9 Ways to Be an Even Better Pet Owner

From grooming and brushing teeth to practicing preventive care and teaching lifesaving commands, here some tips on taking better care of your dog or cat.

How to Choose the Right Leash for Your Dog

There are a lot of leash options on the market, so how do you know which one is right for your dog? Trainer Mikkel Becker shares her recommendations for the best leashes.


Viral Video: Penguins Join March for Science

As thousands of people joined in the March for Science, endangered African penguins marched through the Monterey Bay Aquarium while onlookers held signs supporting them.

Cat Interrupts Mayor’s Live Interview

A brazen cat didn’t seem to care that his owner, the mayor of Latvia’s capital, was in the middle of a live interview when he decided to hop up on his desk.

Avalanche Rescue Dog Slides Down Snowy Mountain for Fun

Truckee works hard for the Avalanche Rescue Dog Program at Lake Tahoe’s Heavenly Mountain. But, he plays hard, too. Watch a video of his leisurely mountain slide.

Dog Wins Hearts After Face Planting During Crufts Agility Run

The biggest moment to come out of the U.K.’s Crufts dog show may have been a video of the hilarious agility run by a rescued Jack Russell Terrier named Olly.

Must-See Reality TV: "Keeping Up With the Kattarshians"

'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' may be fascinating reality TV, but it’s nothing compared to its adorable and even cattier spinoff, 'Keeping Up With the Kattarshians.'

Women Vie for Dog Bachelor’s Heart in Funny Animal Shelter Video

In a funny video from Santa Fe Animal Shelter, contestants battle for the red rose from an adoptable dog named Stuart. Watch it here.

Golden Retriever Delivers Newspapers to Neighbors Every Morning

Every morning, Quincy the Golden Retriever delivers newspapers to the front step of his neighbors' homes. Watch the video to see the dog working his paper route.

Funny Video: Dog Howls as Girl Practices Flute

In a funny video, a Golden Retriever trying to take a nap can be heard howling plaintively as a girl plays the nursery rhyme 'Frère Jacques' on her flute.

Photographer Rescues Bald Eagle From Trap

A wildlife photographer searching for moose came across a bald eagle struggling to survive in a hunter’s snare in Canada, and captured the rescue on camera.

Baby Pandas Celebrate Chinese New Year

In an adorable video posted by "National Geographic," keepers at the Chengdu Panda Base try to wrangle 23 panda cubs. Watch it here.

Cute Video: Shelter Staff Teaches Dog to Smile for Potential Adopters

A shelter staff member at Front Street Animal Shelter teaches an adoptable dog named Riley to smile for potential adopters in a cute video. Watch it here.

Bo Obama's Cutest Moments as First Dog

Over the course of eight years, Bo Obama, the first family’s first Portuguese Water Dog, has stolen hearts across America. Watch ELLE's adorable tribute video.

Video: Brothers Surprised With Adorable Kitten for Christmas

A cute Facebook video captures two brothers' reactions when their mom surprises them with a kitten for Christmas. Watch the adorable video here.

Kids Bring Holiday Cheer to Shelter Dogs

Decked out in festive pajamas, children volunteered to come to the Humane Society of Missouri to read bedtime stories to the shelter dogs.

Giant Panda Happily Rolls in the Snow

Da Mao ecstatically welcomed the year’s first big snowfall at the Toronto Zoo. Security cameras caught the panda somersaulting off his play structure and down a hill.

Excited Dog Reunites With Owner After 5 Months Apart

Five months after he disappeared, Tucker the Collie was back in the arms of his owner and giving lots of kisses. Watch the sweet reunion video here.

A Tribute to Bo and Sunny Obama

As the Obama family leaves the White House, we honor Portuguese Water Dogs Bo and Sunny Obama with their top five White House moments in the spotlight.

Video Roundup: Our Favorite Energetic Kittens

Need a little boost to make it through the rest of your day? Get some inspiration from these YouTube videos of super-energetic kittens.

Family Says Farewell to Cat Adopted at Age 20

A Utah family had two loving years with Dexter, an affectionate cat who they adopted when he was 20 years old. Watch their touching tribute video.

Cute Video: Dog’s Reaction to Life-Sized Gumby Is Priceless

In an adorable video, an owner dresses up as Gumby to surprise his Golden Retriever for Halloween.